The chairman of Gulu district local government Mr. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi, has announced total ban on commercial charcoal burning and lumbering with immediate effect as a measure to fight climate change.

“The power to issue permit for charcoal burning and cutting trees for timber expired January 5, 2016.  We shall arrest anybody dealing in charcoal and timber business”, he said.

Mr. Mapenduzi made the pronouncement during a public dialogue with the community of the worst affected sub-county of Paicho in Aswa county on Thursday, January 7, 2016.

He directed all land owners who had given their woodland to commercial  charcoal burner who come all they way from Kampala, to be ready and plant trees in the depleted areas.

Ugandans in urban centers use charcoal for cooking unlike their counterparts in the rural area who use wood fuel for cooking.

The Chairman of the National Environment Management Authority, Prof. Jack Nyeko Pen Mogi appealed to government to bring down the prices of electricity and gas so that people in urban centers abandon charcoal.

“Until the prices of gas and electricity comes down, trade in charcoal will be difficult to eliminate and this will affect the economy since rain will not come to support agricultural activities”.

Pen Mogi appealed to the locals to adopt planting crops which strive best in woodland like coffee, cocoa and bananas as a measure to protect woodland to mitigate climate change.


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