One of the Presidential candidates in 2016 election has said that President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has messed up his legacy and is no longer a beacon of hope for Africa.

Professor Venansius Baryamureeba made the remarks on Saturday December 12, 2015 from Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) during a press conference.

“He has messed up his legacy because of overstaying in power. He is no longer a beacon of hope for Africa as was once described by American presidents.” Said Baryamureeba.

He said one can say President Museveni, who is seeking to extend his rule to 35 years uninterrupted, was a beacon of hope for Africa between 1986-1996, but today, he is in reverse gear.

“He is changing the reverse gear. We are sliding.” He said

He said if elected into power, he will create one million online jobs annually for youths who are skilled and know how to use the internet.

“There are companies in America and Europe who hire Chinese and Indians to do work for them on the internet and they are paid in dollars. Ugandans can do what they want done. You only want to put in some money to convince them that labor is available in Uganda.”. He said.

He said he will increase the budget for education to (20%), Health to (16%) and Agriculture to (11%) instead of spending money on security, administration and infrastructures as Museveni is doing now.

Prof. Byaramureeba, who holds a PhD in Computer Science he will implement the regional tier system of governance where the center will remain with only 30% of the national budget.


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